About the Busway System


Electric Track Busway is a low voltage current track busway system (40A ~

500A) that provides access to power distribution instantly with no need to shut

down the key power source.


This system provides conductors of solid copper (a superior conductor to

aluminum), continuous access slot, extruded aluminum housing, a grounded

conductor included in system, and the choice of various plug-in-units.


Busway products do not need old cable and duct systems that were essential

components of previous power distribution applications. These components

required more installation costs in terms of time and effort. On the other hand,

the new busway system reduces the installation costs associated with

downtime and labour due to its simple and fuctional structure.




Free locational choices of Power distribution

  The restriction of wire and duct in the conventional power distribution

  systems only allows the fixation of outlet locations.


  With the busway system, you can add and remove plug-in-outlets and

  electrical equipment at any point along the busway without shutting down the



Insert of Plug-In Unit

   40A, 50A, 60A Busway

   100A, 160A, 220A Busway














Easier installation and More flexibility

  The busway offers snap-and-bolt hanger design and plug in joint connections. This simple structure

  makes it easy to install. Also the busway provides a modular design that allows easy reconfiguration

  and relocation of it.


A wide range of Plug-in-units

  You have a lot of plug-in-unit choices such as plug-in-units with various voltage options (100V ~

  440V), plug-in-units with a fuse system or MCCB, and plug-in-units for lighting systems.


Increased safety

  The conventional power distribution systems may cause safety problems and the degradation of the

  work environment as power connections are directly exposed to activities.


  The busway system eliminates the troublesome and dangerous connections associated with the

  conventional cable and conduit systems as it provides power from the above of workstations.


Economical advantages

  The busway system decreases labour costs by 50~60% compared with those of the conventional wire

  and conduit systems when installed.


  Furthermore, its flexibility allows you to store and reuse it in any times so that it is very much an

  economical investment in a long term.




A kind of products

   40A, 50A, 60A Busway

   100A, 160A, 225A Busway



    Electronic manufacturing lines
Sewing machines lines
Automobile assembly lines
Machine manufacturing line
Commercial production & assembly lines
Machine shop and factories machine power supply
Clean room power supply

   Work stations power supply
Factories, warehouse, parking area  lighting
School, R&D Lab. power supply
Shopping mall, Shop, Commercial/retail lighting
Commication &computer center power supply
Office power supply & lighting

    Museum, Art museum & exhibition center lighting
Other power supply



Photographic of applications 




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