Company Profile


1. Indroduction

   AnyLine Technology Co., Ltd is an inovative electric and electronic company which manufactures and

   provides the high-tech electric track busway system for effective power distribution, called AnyLine

   Busway System.

   With the success in the development of the effective busway system, our technologies and

   experiences will develop our company into a successful general electronics company.


2. History


   02. 2004 - AnyLine Technology Co., Ltd was established

                 - Completing the development of the test model (40A) and the pilot product system

   08.         - AnyLine Technology Co., Ltd was selected as a Technology Business   Incubator (TBI)

                    by Korea Small and Medium Business Administration

                - Launching on developing 50A and 60A AnyLine Busway Systems

   10.         - A new science building in Yon Sei University adopted AnyLine Busway System

   11.         - Exhibited in Seoul International Electric Fair 2004 (SIEF2004)

   12.         - Computer center in Wonkwang University adopted AnyLine Busway System

                 - AnyLine Busway System supplied to Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute,

                    HANARO Application Research Group

   05. 2005 - The government qualified AnyLine Technology Co., Ltd as a national venture  company

   08.         - Confirmed ISO9001 for AnyLine Busway products

                - Exhibition in  the 6th Innovativel Technology Fair(8. 29 - 9. 1)

   09          - Exhibition in the 4th Internation Exhibition on Electric Power Equipment and

                   Technology(9. 20 - 24), Shanghai, China

  10.          - Exhibition in Seoul International Electric Fair 2005 (SIEF2005, 10. 11 - 14)

              - Exhibition in  NEWTECH KOREA 2005(10. 20 - 23

  02. 2006 - Exhibition in the Middle East Electricity 2006 Exhibition on (2. 05 - 08), Dubai, U.A.E.

  02.         - Exhibition in the TANGANA 2006 Exhibition on (27- 30), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  07.         - Confirmed Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate for AnyLine Busway products

   08.        - Confirmed New Power Technology Products(NEP) by Ministry of Commerce, Industry

                   and Energy for AnyLine Busway products


 3. Contact us

   Anyline Technology Co., Ltd.

    Address: 3F, Bosung Bldg., 230-13, Guui-Dong, Gwang jin-Gu, Seoul, Korea

    Tel: 82-2-2201-0689

    Fax: 82-2-454-2570


    Web-site :


 4. Projects

    Won Kwang University Computer Center

    A new science building in Yon Sei University

    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, HANARO Application research Group

    ANC TECH Co., Ltd

    Cyber infoComm Co., Ltd

    SK Chemical Laboratory  

    Bonair Co., Ltd.(Eumsung factory)  

    Ceraton Co., Ltd. Ansung factory(Semiconductor Processing Clean Room) 

    JC Com Co., Ltd.(Gaesung Plant of North Korea)

    Ceraton Co.,

   Korea Atomic Energy Research & Envirnment Institute

   Golf club of Namhae Resort



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